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Terms & Conditions for Credits

The SkillS4i credit program (“Program”) is offered to anyone with a SkillS4i account. Participation in the Program is automatic. You will earn SkillS4i credits (“Credits”) every time you complete certain activities eligible to receive Credits.
There are also some rules and conditions that apply to the Program:

• SkillS4i reserves the right to modify or terminate the Program at any time with a 15-day notice to the user. However, Credits earned prior to any termination of the program will still be available until the deadline;
• If you attempt to tamper with or “cheat” the Program, you will lose all your Credits and may be expelled from the Program or from the SkillS4i website;
• Credits are automatically applied to courses and other products and services ordered through the SkillS4i website. It is not possible to choose the way in which the Credits are applied;
• If you receive a refund allowed for a course, product or service ordered using your Credits, a refund will be made in Credits to your account for the appropriate amount. For the Repaid Credits the original expiration date will remain valid;
• Credits have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for money, assigned, sold or transferred to anyone else. However, if you purchase a course, product or service for someone else through your account, your Credits will be applied to that purchase.
For any questions regarding the Program, your account or SkillS4i, contact us at [email protected]

Last Issue: 05 September 2019

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