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Terms & conditions for Affiliates

1.      Overview

2.      How it works

3.      Subscription to the Affiliate Program

4.      Specific Obligations of Affiliates

5.      Liability of the Affiliate

6.      Affiliate Commissions

7.      Licenses

8.      Indemnification

9.      Termination

1. Overview

These Affiliate Terms and Conditions contain all the terms and conditions that apply at the time of enrolling in the SkillS4i Affiliate Program (the “Affiliate Program”). The purpose of these Affiliate Terms and Conditions is to enable Affiliates to earn commissions through sales generated by their websites of Our services in the manner described herein.

2. How it works

Briefly, the Affiliate can connect to any SkillS4i page with their affiliate ID and receive the commission if the referred customer purchases an item. Specifically, this happens through personalized links related to the SkillS4i web pages and its products.

It is important to emphasize that when a Customer accesses our site, a 30-day cookie will be generated, thanks to which the Affiliate’s commission is guaranteed for all 30 days following the first click. This means that even if the Customer does not purchase one or more products immediately, but does so within the next 30 days, the commission will still be paid to the Affiliate.

3. Subscription to the Affiliate Program

(a) Completion of the registration form. You must complete an Affiliate Program application in which you must identify your website and provide certain contact information. The registration form is accessible at

(b) Acceptance of the Registration Application. If we decide to accept the Application, we will send a notification email confirming the approval of the Application. The Affiliate understands that whether or not to accept the Application is at our sole discretion. The Application will be rejected if the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, or if the website promotes material of an inappropriate, violent or defamatory nature, or if the Affiliate or its website is discriminatory, violates any applicable law, violate the intellectual property rights of any person or for any other reason we consider it appropriate to reject the Application for registration.

(c) Access to the Affiliate Program. If we accept the Membership Application, we will send you a welcome email and you will be able to access our secure affiliate area from then on. From this area the Affiliate will be able to download specific links, as well as access his reports regarding the calculation of the affiliate commissions that are due to him. It is the Affiliate’s responsibility to keep their username and password secure. For the sake of clarity, specific links mainly mean banners and text links.

(d) The Affiliate must ensure that his information, including his e-mail address, is always complete, accurate and up to date. We may send communications to the email address associated with the Affiliate’s account. The Affiliate will be deemed to have received all notifications, approvals and other communications sent to such email address even if the email address associated with his account is no longer current.

4. Specific Obligations of Affiliates

As a member of our Affiliate Program, the Affiliate represents, warrants and formally agrees that he will comply with the following obligations:

(a) Link to our Services. The Affiliate will need to implement links, banners and other means of linking between its website and our services (collectively, “Referral Links”). When our customers click on the Referral Links to purchase an item on the SkillS4i website, the Affiliate may receive commissions for qualifying purchases as described in the Affiliate Commissions.

(b) Maintenance of the Site: The maintenance and updating of the Affiliate’s website is its sole responsibility. SkillS4i will inform the Affiliate by email of any changes made to these Terms and our Reference Materials.

(d) Compliance with all copyright laws: It is the Affiliate’s sole responsibility to comply with all copyright laws and other laws pertaining to its website. We will not be responsible for the Affiliate’s use of copyrighted third party materials in violation of the law.

(e) Non-solicitation of our Instructors: As a member of our Affiliate Program, the Affiliate undertakes, directly or indirectly, on its own behalf or on behalf of others, not to hijack business from SkillS4i or encourage any of our Instructors to upload their SkillS4i Courses to Affiliate’s websites and / or platforms or to alter, terminate or otherwise violate their contractual or other business relationships with us.

5. Liability of the Affiliate

As a member of our Affiliate Program, the Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that:

(a) We may monitor its site: The Affiliate grants us the right to monitor its website at any time to verify compliance with these Affiliate Terms and to report any changes we believe are necessary to remain compliant to these terms. The Affiliate must also comply with any requests we make to remove specific content from its website. Failure to comply with this request constitutes a violation of these Terms and a justified reason for terminating your affiliate status.

(b) We determine policies for Clients referred to us: Persons who become clients of our services through referral actions performed in the Affiliate Program will be considered our clients. All of our terms, rules, policies and operating procedures that apply to our users will apply to such referring customers. We may change our terms, rules, policies and operating procedures at any time, as further described in our Terms of Use and our other terms that we may post from time to time.

(c) The Affiliate will be responsible for the content of its websites: The Affiliate may not promote our content and our teachers’ courses on a website that contains any form of misleading content or any other content deemed offensive by us.

(f) The Affiliate will not promote sales using cookie-stuffing techniques: You cannot use cookie stuffing techniques or click generators that set the tracking cookie without the user actually clicking on the referral Link. The Affiliate shall not artificially generate clicks or impressions on his site or create visits to the SkillS4i site, whether through a robot or software or otherwise.

(g) The Affiliate will be responsible for his use of the content on our site. The Affiliate may create their own promotional material using pages from our site as a reference. You can also use course images and some text on our pages to accurately promote the products on your site. However, the Affiliate may NOT download, copy or use video content (free or paid), supplementary course materials (PDFs, quizzes or extra materials) and upload them to their site. Violation of this provision may result in the immediate suspension of your affiliate account.

(i) The Affiliate shall not use any spyware, malware, viruses and the like: The Affiliate may not include on its site, display or otherwise use referral links or other content that uses spyware, malware or viruses or any software application not expressly and knowingly authorized by users before being downloaded or installed on their computer or other electronic device.

(j) The Affiliate must be open and honest about their relationship with us: The Affiliate may not misrepresent their relationship with SkillS4i or imply any relationship or affiliation with SkillS4i or any other person or entity except as expressly permitted by this Affiliate Agreement. The Affiliate must not present himself as an agent or employee of SkillS4i nor can he claim to have the authority to contractually bind SkillS4i.

(k) Affiliate will not earn commission for free courses: Our site contains free and paid courses. Any customer that the Affiliate refers to us and who subsequently signs up for a free course or uses a “free promotional code” to obtain a free paid course will not entitle the Affiliate to receive a commission and that specific sale will not appear on the your affiliate account. We will close the accounts of Affiliates who only or primarily promote free courses.

(n) The Affiliate shall ensure that its sub-affiliates comply with all of our terms: The Affiliate has the right to work with a network of sub-affiliates to the extent that its sub-affiliates comply with our Terms of Affiliation. The Affiliate understands that it is responsible for compliance with these terms by its sub-affiliates and that failure by any of its sub-affiliates may result in the suspension of its affiliate account.

These Affiliate Terms will take effect upon our acceptance of the Membership Application.

6. Affiliate Commissions

(a) Eligibility: Affiliate may earn commission through Referred Clients during the term of these Affiliate Terms, in accordance with the calculation described below.

(b) Amount Due: The exact amount of commissions payable to the affiliate in any given month will be 20% on each sale. This value can be negotiable and updated based on the performance of the Affiliate.

(c) Affiliate commission payments will be made at the end of each month. Payments are made in accordance with the payment method selected by the Affiliate in his account. If the account is closed due to breach of these Affiliate Terms, we reserve the right to withhold all future payments due to the Affiliate.

(d) Payments to affiliates are sent using the PayPal payment system, or, upon specific request, by bank transfer.

(e) Affiliates are responsible for all fees, taxes, duties, exchange rates, surcharges and other costs incurred in order to receive payments due to them. Affiliates should check with their banking institution if any of the above applies to their account.

(f) If we find that paying affiliate commissions is unlawful in any jurisdiction under applicable law, we reserve the right not to pay affiliate commissions for sales made in that jurisdiction.

(g) If, at any time, no substantial activity is recorded in the Affiliate’s account for 1 year, then we will be entitled to withhold any accrued payments. Additionally, any commission not paid into the Affiliate’s account may be subject to forfeiture under applicable law.

7. Licenses

(a) The Affiliate grants us the non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to use its names, titles and logos for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes in any manner to which we are entitled under these Affiliate Terms. However, we are not obligated to advertise, promote or use Affiliate material for marketing purposes.

(b) Each party agrees not to use the other party’s proprietary materials in a manner that is derogatory or puts the other party in a bad light. The parties reserve all their respective rights in the proprietary materials covered by this license. Either party may terminate this license at any time by written notice to the other party terminating our commitment under these Affiliate Terms and Affiliate status. Except for the license granted in these Affiliate Terms, the parties reserve all right, title and interest in relation to their respective rights and no right, title or interest is transferred to the other party.

8. Indemnification

The Affiliate agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SkillS4i and its employees, representatives, agents and related companies from any claim, suit, legal action or other proceeding brought against them based on or arising from any claim resulting from the breach of these Affiliate Terms. Affiliate shall bear all costs, damages and expenses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred by us in connection with or arising from any such claim, suit, lawsuit or other proceeding.

9. Termination

SkillS4i or the Affiliate can each terminate our commitment under these Affiliate Terms: Both we and the Affiliate can terminate this agreement AT ANY TIME, with or without cause, by giving written notice to the other party. Written notification can be sent by email.


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