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The 9 Key Technologies of Industry 4.0 – Part 2

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What are the key technologies of Industry 4.0?

Unlike previous Industrial Revolutions, the 4th Industrial Revolution is not characterized by one or two inventions or technologies, but rather by a set of already known technologies, mainly digital, that are rising in every area of our society.

This course aims to describe in detail 3 of the key technologies of Industry 4.0. Since the broad and extensive nature of the topic, it has been chosen to split the description of these technologies in 3 parts.

More specifically, part 2 focuses on the following technologies:

  • Additive Manufacturing: after a quick overview of its history, all the additive technologies will be presented:
    • Material Extrusion
    • Photopolymerization
    • Material Jetting
    • Binder Jetting
    • Powder Bed Fusion
    • Direct Energy Deposition
    • Sheet Lamination
  • Simulation: the discussion will focus mainly on process applications, like Descrete Event Simulation and ergonomics analysis
  • Horizontal & Vertical IT systems integration: the section will focus on the benefits as well as the IT system portfolio commonly adopted by mid/large organizations

The Practitioner will learn in detail the essence of each technologies and how to apply them in a real Industrial environment. Moreover, for each technology, several examples are provided.

For more info, please have a look at the additional information tab, or at how our courses are structured: they are designed focusing on Learning Retention exploiting Gamification

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