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Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0

Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems: how to enable flexibility

Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (RMS) are attractive options to handle mass personalization, as the system can be continuously reconfigured in accordance with the demanded volumes and products, although the development of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems is a particularly challenging task compared to the development of a traditional manufacturing system. Indeed, mass personalization can be considered one of…

industry 4.0 and gear manufacturing
Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Engineering

Industry 4.0 and gear manufacturing

How to apply the principles and technologies of Industry 4.0 to gear manufacturing? Traditionally, gears are produced by using well-established processes in the field of machining, special processes – including heat treatments – and inspection methods. Following, some production limits related to the gear manufacturing are presented and how new technologies can lead to more…

benefits form 3d printing
Additive Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Innovation Manufacturing Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Strategy Technology

How to get benefits from 3D Printing in a production site?

If you are an industrial engineer or you work in a factory, you may have wondered: How to get benefits from 3D Printing in a production site? Although 3D Printing has been formerly invented in 1982 and it is considered a well-established technology, yet it is still not very used at its full potential. In…

Artificial Intelligence and how it can be exploited at work
Big Data Analytics Artificial Intelligence Big Data Analytics Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 Artificial Intelligence Six Sigma Six Sigma

Artificial Intelligence: 5 ways to improve your processes

How to use Artificial Intelligence in your production plants? Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Cimputer Vision are becoming buzzwords. Artificial Intelligence is very often associated with something extremely complicated (and in fact it is!) And distant from our everyday life, especially if we work in productive contexts where, alas, innovation and new technologies are…

culture is the main driver to innovate
Innovation Strategy Strategy

Culture is the main driver to innovate

Why is culture the main driver to innovate? People and organizations are creatures of habit, and changing habits is much harder than changing structures or systems. For this reason, it is important to aknowledge that culture is the main driver to innovate.   “That’s why a man’s fortunes may change: because the times change, but…

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