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SkillS4i is the marketplace for industrial skills thought for and made by industry professionals. We offer the opportunity to get specific knowledge otherwise difficult to get. Maketplace for Industrial Skills

With SkillS4i you can:

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Nicola Accialini

The Founder

My name is Nicola Accialini and I am pleased to welcome you on SkillS4i, the marketplace for industrial skills, I hope you will find what you need! Want to know more about me? Please click here to check out more:

Our Mission

SHARE Industrial Know-How

Industrial know-how is difficult to get. It implies both learning and doing. Sharing knowledge among professionals is vital to develop Industry.

DEVELOP Industrial Skills

Sharing knowledge is the easiest way to develop industrial skills. Indeed, in some fields it might take months, even years. We want to shorten this time and help people and organizations to develop skills quickly and easily.

INNOVATE by Learning

Innovation is a hard process. And learning too. Our goal is to simplify the Innovation process and make e-learning an effective tool to support Innovation.

IMPROVE by Doing

Industrial knowledge is by definition worthless if can't be applied on the field. This is why our courses are thought for and made by professionals with proven experience in real life.

Our Core Values


Collaboration helps people learn from each other


Innovation is the cornerstone of sustained economic growth and prosperity


Customer satisfaction is essential for us!