Lesson 1: introduction to the product life cycle

Welcome to Lesson 1. In this section, you will learn some fundamental concepts of Life Cycle Management.

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The Product Life Cycle (PLC) is a sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity and decline through which most products progress.

The PLC has a significant impact on marketing strategy, the marketing mix and on New Product Development (1).

The different stages of a PLC curve are well described in the following video:

1. Introduction

  • product branding is established
  • intellectual property protection are obtained
  • pricing strategy defined
  • distribution channels identified
  • marketing strategy defined

Example: Microsoft HoloLens, a pair of mixed reality smartglasses developed and manufactured by Microsoft.

2. Growth

  • product quality is maintained and additional features and services may be added
  • pricing is maintained
  • distribution channels are added as demand increases
  • promotion is aimed to a broader audience

Example: 3D printers are now in this stage:

3. Maturity

  • Product features may be enhanced to differentiate the product from competitors
  • pricing is maintained
  • distribution becomes more intensive
  • promotion emphasizes product differentiation and new features

Example: iPhone. Over the past 10 years it has gone through a number of functional and aesthetic changes as Apple has sought to defend the product’s market position: 

4. Decline

  • Maintain the product on the market possibly adding new features to find new users
  • Reduced pricing
  • Discontinue the product, liquidate remaining inventory

Examples: Compact cameras are defenitely in the decline stage.

Product life cycles are getting shorter for different reasons:

The effect is is well depicted in the following picture:

Product life cycles are getting shorter
Figure 1: Product life cycles are getting shorter


01) Geracie, G and Eppinger, S 2013, The Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge

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