Importance of elearning

eLearning is often misunderstood as training that’s simply delivered online. And, while that’s technically true, the spectrum of eLearning is so much more than a paper manual or classroom-delivered PowerPoint presentation converted to searchable online modules. 

Understanding the true scope of eLearning requires a deeper look into how it works and how that translates to smarter, savvier, and more productive learners.

Whether you’re hoping to incorporate more eLearning into your existing programs or thinking about starting from scratch, knowing the advantages of taking your learning outside of the traditional training room or operations manual will give you a better idea of how your learners can benefit from the switch.

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Why is training important?

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of profit margins achieved when employers spend 1,500$ per employee per year on training

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higher revenue per employee where comprehensive training programs are in place

What's wrong with traditional training?

Lack of time

In most cases, this is the primary reason for not getting proper skills. We simply don't have time!

Don't fit

Sometimes training offers don't fit our needs.


Finally I found the perfect course for me, but it is miles away!


Typically, high-quality traditional courses are reasonably expensive. But what if we cut non value-added costs?

Importance of eLearning

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of organizations believe that eLearning puts them at a competitive advantage

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of US companies used online learning in 2017

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growth of the eLearning Industry since the turn of the century

eLearning a well established solution in the academic world. Indeed, several platforms like Coursera, Edx, Udacity and Udemy, just to cite the most popular, provide high-content to students and business professionals worldwide.

But what about industrial skills? Most of the online platforms don’t provide skills that are fundamental in an industrial environment.

SkillS4i has the ambition to offer to Industry Professionals the right skills provided by experienced colleagues

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How to get benefits from eLearning?

High learning retention

Retention is the process by which new information is transferred from our short term to our long-term memory. E-learning increases the learning retention. A major cause of poor retention is having too much information to absorb. Our courses are organized in shorts lessons and quizzes, which help to keep track of your own progress and see what they have learned and retained.

Cost saving

Transportation, food and accommodation are only some of the additional costs associated with traditional trainings. Do you really need them? Or would you prefer to pay ONLY for the contents? Then, E-Learning is a valid option. Don´t move anywhere, learn from home or from your office.


You don´t need to be physically in a specific place at a specific time or have special hardware or software. What you need is your laptop or your tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

Time saving

Travelling means spending money and time. But what if you didn't need to travel? You could be even more productive! E-Learning brings knowledge directly to your home or office!


Take your time, spend more efforts on topics your are interested in or you are struggling with. Learning is a nice journey: take your time, walk at your own pace, and enjoy!


Learning is easier when you are engaged. Badges, credits. discounts and certifications are awarded to celebrate your achievement!


Are you too busy? E-learning is flexibile by nature. Start your lesson, topic or quiz whenever you have time!


Travelling implies a large carbon footprint. With E-Learning, you don´t have to move!

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