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We use gamification, everyone loves games! They create a comfortable learning environment and brain-friendly classrooms.

Albert Einstein said that games are the most elevated form of investigation. They promote learning in groups and introduce problem-solving as a life skill. Every child uses games to explore higher-order thinking skills associated with creating, evaluating, analysing, and applying new knowledge.

Gamification describes the process of applying game-related principles to non-game contexts such as education. It is based on the kind of engagement that people experience with games and involves incorporating game elements to motivate learners. Gamification stimulates autonomous learning and increases intrinsic motivation through the element of competition.

Skills4i implements Gamification to improve your learning retention. This means that

All your Achievements

will be rewarded!

Whether you successfully complete quizzes and courses, you will be rewarded with Credits.


Credits allow to get discounts on our courses. However, collecting Badges is not the only way you earn Credits. Indeed, the easiest way is to complete a course (+20) or successfully pass a quiz (+5). But pay attention! If you fail a quiz, you will loose credits as well (-5)! Therefore, we strongly recommend you to be well prepared before starting a quiz.

Once you earn a specific amount of Credits, you are eligible for discounts:

SkillS4i 100 Credits Badge


SkillS4i 300 Credits Badge


SkillS4i 500 Credits Badge


SkillS4i 1000 Credits Badge


SkillS4i 1500 Credits Badge


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