How can I get access to my courses?

Once the transaction is confirmed, please go to the My courses page. If you don’t see them, please contact us.

I purchased a course, but I don't have access. What can I do?

If you are still not able to access your course, or if the link doesn’t work, please contact us.

What payment methods can I use?

Debit / credit card, PayPal and more… we have several payments methods.

Can I have an invoice?

Once the transaction is confirmed, you can download your invoice in My account/orders. For additional inquiries about your invoice, please contact us.

For how long do I have access to my course?

180 days. Please check your Course Navbar to see how many days left!

I have lost my password, what can I do?

No worries, click here

I would like to purchase a course. Shall I have a trial period?

Skills4i provide trial periods only for Membership plans.

How can I be sure that the content is according my expectiations?

Please read carefully the course description. We have also a Refunding Policy, please check here. For additional inquiries, please contact us.

The course I paid is not according to my expectations. Can I be refunded?

Yes, we have a Refunding Policy.

Am I entitled to share my user and password?

You are not. Please check our Terms & Conditions.

I found an Intellectual Property Infringement. What can I do?

Can I print the course?

You can print your course for private use only. For more info, please read our Intellectual Property Rights Policy

How many times can I retry an intermediate quiz?

If you don’t pass your test the first time, you can retry 3 more times. Pay attention! If you fail all of them, you can’t continue further!

How many times can I try a final exam?

You will have 2 attempts in total: if you fail the first, you will have a second chance. Please note that if you fail both attempts, you are not eligible for the Final Certification. 

What happens if I fail the lessons quizzes more than 4 times?

If you fail a lesson quiz, you have 3 more attempts. After that, you can’t continue further more. However, you can purchase the course again at 80% discout.

What happens if I fail the final quiz 2 times?

If you fail a final quiz, you have 1 more attempts. After that, you can’t get your final certificate. However, you can purchase the course again at 80% discout.

I would like to schedule a Question & Answer session with the trainer. What can I do?

Each course includes 1h of Q&A session. You can get in touch directly with the course trainer by email.

What are credits?

Credits are “points” that can be earned in several ways to get final discounts on new courses. Please read our Credits Policy and learn more about our Credits system here.

How to become a Contributor?

I would like to become an Affiliate. What can I do?

Please check out our Affiliate Program

I don't find the course I need. Can I request to build a course?

Yes, you can. Please contact us!

Can I use or share the course material for private purpose?

You can’t. Please check our Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

Can I search a course by Category?

Yes. Please open the right bar menu by clicking on the top-right corner. You can directly search or click on your category.

I would like to buy multiple courses. Any discount?

If you want to create your Training Group of equal or more than 5 people, you will get discounts. If you want to buy multiple courses for yourself, check the Bundle solutions for more convenience! 

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