Downloadables refers to all kind of materials that can be downloaded by users to improve their skills. This means that such material is not only useful for training, but also for improving the performance in your daily work. 

Downloadables may be provided in different forms. Some examples are:

  • Slides

    Slides are often a quick way to share materials. Any format is supported (e.g. Powerpoint, Pages, pdf)

  • Templates

    Templates in different formats such as MS Word, Pages, Excel or similar can be very helpful in the daily work

  • eBook

    eBook are another way to spread skills. You can choose different formats like pdf, epub or others

  • Spreadsheets

    Spreadsheets like Excel or Numbers can provide a remarkable support.

  • Videos

    Sometimes, a self-explanatory video is better then hundreds of words.

Please visit our Catalogue to find out the material that best fits your needs. 

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