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The Smart Factory

The Smart Factory online course
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The Smart Factory is an optimized manufacturing facility which can facilitate launching new products depending on market dynamics, is scalable enough to meet demand variation for existing products, is able to produce Finished Goods at least cost, has smart machines, sensors and robots which are seamlessly integrated with information system architecture to enable high level of automation in transaction processing and has real time analytics that helps in minimizing downtime and improving efficiency.

Despite the wide range of technologies exploited in a Smart Factory, its backbone is made of human skills. It is not wrong to say that a Smart Factory is made by and for workers.

This course aims to present the practitioner the benefits and risks associated to the Smart Factory.

The key technologies will be quickly introduced, while concepts like Digital Twin and Discrete Event Simulation will be broadly discussed.

For this course, you will have a virtual assistant who will guide you throughout the lessons. If you want to meet her now, please download Metaverse app on your smart mobile device, then scan the QR code here below.

Have fun!

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