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The 9 key technologies of industry 4.0 – part 3

The 9 key technologies of industry 4.0 - part 3 online course
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Unlike previous Industrial Revolutions, the 4th Industrial Revolution is not characterized by one or two inventions or technologies, but rather by a set of already known technologies, mainly digital, that are rising in every area of our society.

This course aims to describe in detail some of the key technologies of Industry 4.0. Since the broad and extensive nature of the topic, it has been chosen to split the description of these technologies in 3 parts.

More specifically, part 3 focuses on the following technologies:

  • Internet of Things, described as the the network of devices that contain electronics, software, actuators, and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data.
  • Cloud Computing is where software applications, data storage, processing power and even artificial intelligence are accessed over the Internet from any kind of computing device
  • Cyber-security, the protection of digital devices and their communication channels to keep them stable, dependable and reasonably safe from danger or threat.
  • Big Data Analytics, which refers to method of predictive analyses that are used to extract value from a massive amount of data.

The Practitioner will learn in detail the essence of each technologies and how to apply them in a real Industrial environment. Indeed, for each technology, several examples are reported.

In this course, you will be supported by a virtual assistant, one of the smartest entrepreneur of our time. To discover who I am talking about, please download Metaverse app on your smart mobile device, then scan the QR code you find here on the bottom. 

Have fun!

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