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SMED Methodology

SMED Methodology
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What is the SMED methodology? SMED is an acronym and stands for “Single Minute Exchange of Die” which can be translated as “setup in less than 10 minutes,” that is, in a number of minutes expressed by a single digit. Modern production systems are required to have an ever-increasing level of reconfigurability in order to react promptly to customer and market demands. It is in this context that this methodology, which originated in the late 1950s in Japan, becomes essential to ensure greater competitiveness for manufacturing companies. This online course aims to describe the SMED methodology, the importance of designing quick set ups in the context of reconfigurable manufacturing systems, what costs are associated with such operations, what the 5 implementation steps are, and how to standardize the process through standard operating procedures. The course is aimed primarily at process engineers who deal with continuous improvement on a daily basis with the optimization of production systems and processing plants. Through this course, in fact, process engineers will learn a simple, structured methodology for significantly reducing tooling time.

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