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Processes to develop New Products

processes do develop new products online course
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Welcome to our course!

My name is Nicola Accialini, and I am the trainer for this course.

Product Development is a creative and complex process.

By nature, different products require different approaches. Indeed, there are several ways to develop a new product, every one with its pros and cons. But how to recognize the approach that best fits to my project and my organization?

This course will present the practitioner not only the most common and state-of-the-art processes like Stage-Gate or Agile, but also will describe the last trend in industry to approach the developing of a new product in a modern digitalized context, like Smart Product Development.

Remember that for any doubts, at the end of each lesson you can submit your questions using the space reserved for comments. It will be my pleasure to answer you as soon as possible.

For this course, you will be assisted by a virtual guide. We chose one of the greatest product developer for you! Want to know who we are talking about?

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