New Product Development tools – part 1

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This course focuses on tools, methods and techniques that are specific for Product Development.

Due to the large amount of tools used in different phases of Product Development, it has been decided to split the course in 2 parts.

Part 1 will focus on tools specifically required in the following steps:

  • Concept Ideation: SCAMPER, Brainstorming, Mind mapping, SWOT, PESTLE, Delphi;
  • Feasibility analysis: financial and non-financial analysis;
  • Concept Selection: pass-fail and scoring approach;
  • Product concept and design specifications: Quality Function Deployment and Kano model;
  • Product design: Design for Excellence, TRIZ

During the course, you will be supported by a virtual assistant, one of the greatest entrepreneur of our time. Guess who? Then download Metaverse App on your mobile device and scan the barcode you find here on the bottom. Have fun! 

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