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new product development strategy


Strategy is an essential aspect of New Product Development: it lies at the very heart of an organization’s growth and it represents the foundation for all organization’s activities.

In this course, the practitioner will face the core concepts of an organization strategy, especially in relationship with the New Product Development approach.

What is a Strategy? The answer is not trivial. In fact, any best in class organization lays on different level of strategies, including corporate, business and innovation strategy.

In particular, this course focuses on Innovation Strategy, an essential tool for product development and continued growth in difficult times.

Concepts like sustaining and disruptive innovation will be extensively discussed, as well as different strategies to support innovation.

For this course, we are providing you a virtual guide which will drive you throughout lessons and topics. Who is he? To discover it, please download Metaverse App on you mobile device and scan the QR code you see here below: 

NPD strategy course introduction