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Methods of Manufacturing: gear hobbing

Gear hobbing
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In the field of gear manufacturing, hobbing represents with no doubt one of the main processes for cutting external cylindrical, straight and helicodal toothing. This course aims to describe this process focusing on the following aspects:

  • Process kinematics
  • Types of tools and materials
  • Process parameters
  • Machine tools

Given the practical cut of the course, we will not address the theoretical aspects of the process and related to the sizing of the tools, to which, for details, we recommend contacting the tool makers. Rather, this course will describe the principles that guide the technologist in understanding the kinematics of the process, identifying and choosing the most suitable tool among the possibilities offered by the market, showing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution and the criteria for choosing the best process. . At the end of each lesson, a quiz will help in the learning phase, while at the end of the course a summary will list all the key points in preparation for the final test, upon passing which a certificate of achievement will be issued. Below is the list of lessons and topics that the student will address.

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