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Managing Virtual Teams

managing virtual teams online course
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Virtual Teams consist of groups of people working on projects sharing the same objectives, but located in different offices, cities, countries and even continents.

Virtual Teams are now becoming a standard way of collaboration for several reasons:

  • Internet reduced physical barriers, therefore communication is becoming easier
  • Globalization increased the need for long-distance collaboration
  • Remote working is becoming more sustainable, efficient and less time consuming than working from office
  • Complexity is increasing and it’s difficult to find skills next door

It’s clear how today virtual teams are not an option anymore. Even though you work in a small company, you probably have already experienced home office. This means that you have already worked in a Virtual Team.

However, managing virtual teams is not like managing physical teams and it requires special hard and soft skills to be acquired.

In this course, you will learn key principles on how to work in a Virtual Team effectively and how to manage it properly.

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