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Introduction to Industry 4.0

Introduction to Industry 4.0 online course
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The concept of Industry 4.0 appeared for the first time in an article published in November 2011 by the German government that resulted from an initiative regarding high-tech strategy for 2020.

This course is designed to provide the practitioner a general understanding about the 4th Industrial Revolution, also called Industry 4.0, and its implications to organisations. Indeed, we are living in a fast-paced environment, where digital technologies are changing our approach not only to work, but also to life.

Therefore, understanding implications and methods to face new challenges is not an option anymore. What are the reasons that are pushing towards a 4th industrial revolution? Why are the key technologies? How industrial countries are facing it? What are main challenges? 

In this course, you will get support from one of the greatest scientists of our time. Guess who? Please download Metaverse app on your smart device, then scan the QR code you find here on the bottom. 

Have fun!

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