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Innovation Management System – ISO 56002

Innovation Management System
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An Innovation Management System is a set of interrelated and interacting elements, aiming for the realization of value. It provides a common framework to develop and deploy innovation capabilities, evaluate performance, and achieve intended outcomes.

The elements can be gradually adopted to implement the system according to the particular context and circumstances of the organization. Full benefits can be gained when all the elements of the innovation management system are adopted by the organization.


This course aims to describe and explain the content of the the International Standard ISO 56002 – Innovation Management System.


Although the specification does not describe detailed activities within the organization, but rather provides guidance at a general level, this course will provide you with additional explanation in order to describe the underlined concept in a more understandable way.

All the guidance within this International Standard is intended to be applicable to:

  • all types of organizations, regardless of type, sector, or size
  • all types of innovations, e.g. product, service, process, model and method
  • all types of approaches, e.g. internal and open innovation, user-, market- and technology-innovation

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