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Impact of Industry 4.0

Impact of Industry 4.0 online course
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The disruptive wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution will impact in our lives in proportions that are almost impossible to envisage. Nevertheless, it is important to recognise the potential impact that this Revolution will bring in order to face up to future global changes and challenges.

We are living in a fast-paced environment, where digital technologies are changing our approach not only to work, but also to life. Therefore, understanding implications and methods to face up new challenges is not an option anymore.

This course aims to provide the practitioner a broad understanding of impacts of the 4th industrial revolution on our lives. Indeed, Industry 4.0 will impact in every aspect of our every day life:

  • Economic growth and productivity: will the impact be positive or negative?
  • Business: how our ways of making business ?
  • Industry: how new technologies will modify factories?
  • Infrastructure: how our cities will be impacted?
  • Global Security: will we be less or more safe?
  • Society: is it going to progress or not?

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