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How well do you know Industry 4.0?

do you know industry 4.0 online test
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Industry 4.0 is now on everyone’s lips, but do we really know what it is about? What are the reasons that led to the fourth industrial revolution? Do you know the principles and applications of its enabling technologies? Do you know what impact they will have on the way we work? Do you know the meaning of Smart Factory? Do you know what skills will be required in the future? With this online test you can finally test yourself! You will have to face 100 questions on different topics:

  • The 4 industrial revolutions
  • The enabling technologies
  • The smart factory
  • The impacts of new technologies in our lives
  • Requirements for a digital transformation and requirements

To pass the test, you are required to correctly answer at least 70% of the questions we will submit to you. If you fail the test on the first attempt, you will be able to try again 2 more times. If you fail the test, we suggest you take a look at the online courses we offer on this platform. You can choose between single courses on particular topics, or our Industry 4.0 Masterclass, which includes all courses related to Industry 4.0. Good luck in the test! Kin Regards, The SkillS4i Team

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