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What is a Training Group?

If you are an organization, you might be interested to train your employees on specific topics. Then, you can create your “Training Group”: users can configure, buy, manage and report on their groups using a powerful front-end interface–freeing you to you focus on growing your business.

Whether you’re building a training program or running your own business, the last thing you want to be spending time on is managing groups or pulling group reports.

What are the benefits?

Check progress

Monitor the progress of your group members

Create bundles

Create your own solution

Buy seats

Select only the number of seats you need


More seats, more savings

Create your Group

Create a new Group is very simple, just follow these five simple steps:

  1. go to Create your Group page
  2. enter your Group name
  3. select the number of seats
  4. choose your courses
  5. checkout
Credits: Uncanny Learndash Groups

Group Leaders

Group leaders will manage groups by accessing hidden pages from the Menù Bar: 

Group leaders get exactly what they need to manage and report on their users – without having to access the confusing /wp-admin interface.

Credits: Uncanny Learndash Groups
Credits: Uncanny Learndash Groups

We provide Group Leaders a powerful front-end interface for reviewing, grading and approving quiz essay questions and assignments.

They can add and invite users, send password reset emails, and even easily mass email all students in the group.

Credits: Uncanny Learndash Groups

… and more!

Enrolled Students

Enrolled students will find their courses in the My courses page

For any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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