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All the latest updates on our platform

The new year comes with important updates for our users! Thanks to funds received from the NEXTGen EU program for the development of digital solutions and thanks to the feedback received from our users, we have been working hard in recent weeks to improve the offerings on our platform. The new features mainly concern an improved user experience, better navigability and stability of the site, and better offerings regarding Membership and collaboration plans with companies. Let’s see below with more details what the new features are.

New Home Page

We collected the feedback that some users have reported to us and redesigned our Home Page making it more attractive, but above all more intuitive from the point of view of navigability, but without disrupting the content. The mobile experience has also been improved by making the site more “responsive.” We also updated the main menus to make the location of the main pages more intuitive.

New Product Catalog

The product catalog has been redesigned to make searching for products easier and more intuitive using keywords. For example, you can search for our courses by category, topic and price extremely easily and quickly. In addition, one of the problems encountered with the previous catalog concerned the interface using smartphones, which has now been greatly improved.

Make an Offer

One of the missions we set ourselves with SkillS4i was to make industry-wide skills acquisition a more democratic process. In fact, it very often happens that SMEs, schools or academies do not have the time or budget to access high-level content. Through eleraning we can reach companies and locations that have limited access, mainly for economic reasons. Therefore, we decided to introduce the “Make an Offer” feature. What is it all about? As of today, through the product page you can make your own purchase offer in case the desired course or product is too expensive. Our team will review your request (which must be justified) and if it is accepted you will be able to purchase your course at the price you have chosen!

New Blog

We have decided to give professionals the opportunity to share content on our blog (read more here) and to make some “premium” content accessible only to those who will sign up for free on our platform through the Membership Moon plan

Membership plans

We have simplified our Membership plans by making them more accessible to our users:
  • Moon: you will get free access to our premium content on our blog, as well as a free surprise course!
  • Mars: in addition to access to premium content, you will have full access to our course catalog for a period of 6 months and full instructor support
  • Jupiter: similar to Mars, but you will have access to our catalog for 1 year.

Business Training

Through membership plans you can provide your employees with access to our course catalog. However, if you need a more focused training plan on specific topics, we give you the option of creating training groups through which your company can monitor each employee’s progress (learn more).

Login process

How many times have you happened to forget your password and need to retrieve it? Although it turns out to be a rather simple process, nevertheless it is always tedious. Therefore, we have decided to add the functionality of logging in via your Facebook and Google account.


We are confident that these new features will improve the experience on our platform and consequently the learning of users, who, we are sure, will benefit from them in their work environment! If you haven’t done so yet, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on new courses, posts and services (you will also receive our free ebook “Introduction to the Smart Factory”)

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Hi there! I am Nicola, founder and admin of SkillS4i. Aerospace Engineer, technology enthusiast and industrial expert. I live in Spain and I like travelling, cycling, hiking and reading.

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