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Affiliate Program

What are the benefits?

What is our Affiliate Program?

Main Features

Increase your training offer in e-learning mode

Affiliate management and constantly updated statistics

Increase the revenue generated by your business

A large catalogue of courses always updated and at your disposal

A direct line with Technical Assistance

Increase your fee by up to 50% by generating a higher rate of sales

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the registration form;
  2. Submit the application;
  3. After you receive the confirmation email, go to our Store Affiliates page;
  4. Read and approve our Terms & Conditions for Affiliates;
  5. Provide your payment details. You can can use your PayPal account (recommended, it’s fast and safe) or Manual Transfer, which means Bank Transfer;
  6. Generate Referral URLs to connect SkillS4i to your platform.
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