SkillS4i is the marketplace for industrial skills thought for and made by industry professionals.

We offer the opportunity to get industrial knowledge otherwise difficult to get.

With SkillS4i you can:

Our Mission

Sharing Know-How

Industrial know-how is difficult to get. It implies both learning and doing. Sharing knowledge among professionals is vital to develop Industry.

Developing skills

We want to shorten this time and help people and organizations to develop skills quickly and easily.

Innovating by learning

Innovation is a hard process. And learning too. Our goal is to simplify the Innovation process and make e-learning an effective tool to support Innovation.

Improving by doing

Industrial knowledge is by definition worthless if can't be applied on the field. This is why our courses are thought for and made by professionals with proven experience in real life.

We democratize industrial elearning!

Personal and employee professional growth is often limited by economic availability due to various socio-cultural factors.

With SkillS4i we give you the possibility to make an offer more congruous to your budget if the courses you are interested in are considered too expensive.

On each product page you will find a make an offer button through which you can make us the purchase offer you deem most appropriate.

We will evaluate your offer as soon as possible!

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